SHOOT BOXING 20th Aniversary Series 4th,Tokyo Japan

Andy Souwer KO's Kozo Takeda on Oct. 12 K-1 MAX

The Esthetics TBC K-1 MAX 2005 was held at Yoyogi Daiichi Taikukan on October 12. Andy Souwer appeared in the main event and scored a splendid victory via knock out against his opponent, Kozo Takeda. Takeda is well known for his low kicks. During the first round, Andy had a hard time with Takeda's consistent low kicks. Andy tried to fight back with his powerful punches, but Takeda's low kicks were overwhelming. Andy thought, "This is not good." and changed his strategy to using a lot of combinations in the second round. Andy pushed Takeda into the corner using his fists and knees, and then unleashed a fury of punches onto Takeda. Takeda didn't have a chance to try and fight back. When Takeda did try to throw a left hook, he dropped his guard and Andy's own left hook connected hard with Takeda's jaw. Takeda dropped to the canvas and couldn't get up anymore. The fight was stopped due to the KO at the 31 seconds mark of the second round.
The hall was filled with shouts of joy for Andy's victory. Andy said, "I promised to use punches and win by knock out, and that was the only to do it."
Andy had a difficult time cutting weight for this event, but he said that had no effect on his performance.
What will happen at the New Year's Eve event "Dynamite"? Andy is the current K-1 MAX champion, and especially in light of his incredible KO victory, there is a big possibility for Andy to participate in "Dynamite". There are rumors going around that Andy may fight against Masato. Andy said that if that fight does go ahead, it would be a great fight and a good way to finish off 2005.
Andy's next fight will be at the Shootboxing 20th Anniversary 5th Series show, which will be held on November 25 at Korakuen Hall. We will be able to see a stronger and better Andy with his MAX experience on his home ground - the Shootboxing ring.

K-1 MAX Winner Andy Souwer Special Interview

At the 20th Anniversary Party with Mr. John De Ling and Mr. Cesar

Andy Souwer, representing Shootboxing, accomplished an excellent victory at this year's K-1 MAX, which was held on July 20. However, right after his fight Andy was told about his cousin's death, so he rushed back home before being able to hold a press conference. He came back to Japan though for the commemoration of Shootboxing's 20th anniversary and for the publication of Mr. Cesar's autobiography party on August 1.
He held interviews and spoke about his happiness in winning the K-1 MAX title as well as his ambitions for the future.

Question: Congratulations on winning the K-1 MAX title. Could you tell us about the tournament?

Andy Souwer: I'm very happy. I was able to meet everybody's expectations and win the title.

Q: This was the second time you fought in the K-1 MAX tournament. Was there any difference from the first time you competed in it?

A.S.: I always think about winning the first match, and then look at the next step. This tournament was the same. However, I lost the first match in the last tournament, so I had a strong desire to win this time.

Q: It seems you felt a lot of pressure last time. How was it this time?

A.S.: I didn't feel a lot of pressure this time. I was able to relax this time, so that's why I was able to win.

Q: You said you weren't satisfied with some of the fights.

A.S.: That's right. I couldn't properly do what I had been practicing. I couldn't use the strategy I had planned. I decided to start with a slow pace and it didn't go well. Especially with Kohiruimaki. He was a slow starter. I was too careful and couldn't be offensive until the middle of the first round.

Q: Right after your victory, you shouted "SHOOTBOXING" and repeatedly showed the Shootboxing sign with your hand. The fans and Shootboxing related people were very moved.

A.S.: I'm here because of Shootboxing. I wanted to appeal to the people who don't know about Shootboxing.
Q: Including the S-Cups, you have become a middleweight champion three times. Will this record continue?

A.S.: Absolutely. I will try to get more titles. I want to be known as a fighting legend, not only a one-time champion.

Q: As the K-1 MAX champion, other fighters will now be coming after you.

A.S.: It's natural as a champion and I'm ready for it. I will accept any challenge and will prove that I'm the best fighter.

Q: Is there anybody specific you want to fight?

A.S.: Anybody who is a top fighter in K-1. If I had to choose, I'd say Albert Kraus, who beat me last time, and Masato.

Q: Speaking of Masato, you were meant to fight him if he hadn't gotten injured.

A.S.: It was sad not to fight against Masato. I did a lot of research on him. He is the most popular fighter in K-1 and I need to fight against him.

Q: After Masato watched your fight; he said he would win in a fight against you.

A.S.: It's easy to say that. If he feels that way, I want to fight him in the ring. I'll accept his challenge any time.

Q: Masato's come back fight will be a big event on the New Years Eve show.

A.S.: "Dynamite" is it? I'd like to participate in it, and it would be great if I could fight against Masato. I want to win and prove who the real champion is.

Q: There will be harder fights for you with the S-Cup next year?

A.S.: S-Cup is the same as the K-1 MAX tournament or even harder. Many good fighters will participate in it, especially Shishido who has become a strong fighter. I am a good friend with Shishido, but I will do my best to knock him down in the ring.

Q: Any final message for the Shootboxing fans?

A.S.: I'm very grateful. Even when I was defeated by Albert Kraus, only the Shootboxing fans believed in me. I know many people didn't expect me to win the K-1 MAX title, but Shootboxing fans were different. Because of the fan's support, I could become a champion. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! (Could you write that part in big letters? (Laughs))

Andy Souwer wins 2005 K-1 MAX Championship

"After the fights, Andy talks about the pleasure of victory."

On July 20, the K-1 MAX 2005 Championship Finals were held at the Yokohama Arena. It was Andy Souwer's second time to compete in the tournament, though this time he went all the way and won the title. Andy is already the 2002 and 2004 S-Cup champion.

In his first outing to K-1 MAX Andy Souwer unfortunately lost to Albert Kraus via doctor's stoppage. This time however he proved to K-1 who the real champion is.

Andy's first opponent was Japanese kickboxer Takayuki Kohiruimaki. The fighters were both tentative during the beginning of the fight, with Andy having difficulties overcoming Kohiruimaki's front kicks. However, after Andy connected with some solid punches, he took control of the fight. He overwhelmed Kohiruimaki with his punch combinations, causing Kohiruimaki to turn away and try to escape several times. Andy Souwer won a judges decision.

In the semi finals, Masato was forced to withdraw due to a fractured left ankle. His replacement was Kazuya Yasuhiro of Japan. Yasuhiro was active with spinning back fists as well as spinning back kicks, but Andy Souwer focused on his own strategy. He punched Yasuhiro's face, re-opening a cut over his eye that Yasuhiro sustained in a previous match. The doctors stopped the fight. Andy Souwer advanced to the finals.

Andy's opponent in the finals was the K-1 MAX defending champion Buakaw Por Pramuk from Thailand. Andy was actively throwing his straight punches and combinations, while Buakaw fired off low and middle kicks and also connected with a high roundhouse kick to the head. Neither fighter was able to dominate though due to excessive clinching and throwing. At the end of the allocated 3 rounds the judges called it a draw. An extra round was called for. In the extra round Andy was moving forward aggressively, while Buakaw was throwing middle kicks and keeping his distance. The judges again couldn't decide a winner. A second extra round was called.

In the second extra round Buakaw was showing signs of fatigue and used a lot of clinching. Andy continuously tried to throw punches aggressively. In the end, it may have been Andy's greater willingness to mix it up that titled the judges in his favour. He became the 2005 K-1 MAX Champion.

Andy was overwhelmed with pleasure and shouted "SHOOT BOXING!!" in the ring.

In his post fight comments he was all smiles. "I want to thank Shoot boxing that I could fight this time. I'm going to spend the money on my girlfriend and we will get married soon," said the champion.
However, shortly after his victory Andy Souwer received some bad news from home. His cousin, with whom he got along with very well, died due to a brain hemorrhage. He cried in the changing room, then cancelled his schedule for the next day. He returned home as soon as possible to attend his cousins funeral and provide emotional support to his girlfriend and son. However, Andy is scheduled to return on August 1 to report his victory to his Shoot boxing fans.

Message from Mr. Caesar

"I felt really happy because Andy Souwer became a champion as the representative of Shoot boxing. Also, next year we will again be holding the S-Cup, with Andy Souwer being the main fighter. This result is the greatest advertisement for that. I am proud of Andy because he made the Shoot boxing name famous through K-1"

"One Armed Bandit" Baxter Humby is in Japan!

Shishido, Humby and Ogata will participate in the June 26 SB event

The next part in Shootboxing's 20th Anniversary series will be held at Korakuen Hall on June 26. A press conference for it was held on May 16 at Korakuen Hanten in Tokyo. "One Armed Bandit" Baxter Humby was in attendance.

Shootboxing, in collaboration with the World Chung Hop Kuen Federation, decided upon the inclusion of Mr. Humby in the next Shootboxing event. The president of the World Chung Hop Kuen Federation is Mr Carter Wong, Baxter Humby's master and also long time friend of Shootboxing's chairperson Mr. Takeshi Caesar. Mr. Wong has over 100 000 Kung Fu students in 37 countries around the world and also acted in numerous classic Kung Fu movies. He has also shared his knowledge of the fighting arts with notables like Rickson Gracie.

Mr. Humby, who was sent by Mr. Wong, has several titles under his belt, such as the WMTF World Super Welterweight champion, the IKBA International Kickboxing champion and the IMTC World Welterweight champion. What makes him such an amazing fighter is that his one arm is shorter than the other - since birth, his right arm extends only up to his elbow. However, he has learned Muay Thai, Kung Fu and Ju-Jitsu and went on to become a professional fighter. This will be Humby's first Shootboxing bout, but he says he has already done a lot of research on this style from watching videos of fights. He confidently claimed that this fight will be no problem. Mr. Humby's opponent hasn't been decided upon yet. Mr. Wong stated that any opponent should be fine and is expecting a strong fighter.

The press conference was also attended by Kenichi Ogata and Hiroki Shishido. Shishido will fight K-1 MAX fighter Takeshi Ono in the semi-final bout. He feels that K-1 MAX fighters Ono and Yasuhiro have the potential to be top class fighters, but he wants to prove Shootboxing's superiority in this SB vs. K-1 match-up.
Kenichi Ogata will fight in the main bout of the night. His opponent has yet to be decided. An offer was made to Korean fighter Chi Bin Lim who fought Masato at the last K-1 MAX, and also beat AJKF champion Satoshi Kobayashi. Ogata stated that that there is an image that K-1 MAX is stronger than Shootboxing. He wants to disprove this image by showing Shootboxers abilities against strong fighters.

Don't miss Ogata and Shishido vs. K-1 MAX as well as Baxter "The One Arm Bandit" Humby in the 3rd part of Shootbboxing's 20th Anniversary Series!

Oikawa and Utagawa in IKUSA GP

On May 15th, a press conference was held at Rakua in Tokyo Dome City for the IKUSA (SUPERSTARĀôZ) -60kg Tournament . The first round of the tournament will be held on June 18 at Zepp Tokyo. The final round of the tournament will be on September 19. SB Super featherweight champion Tomohiro Oikawa and Akifumi Utagawa will participate in the tournament.

The tournament card is as follows:

Tomohiro Oikawa (Ryuseijuku / SB Super featherweight champion) vs. GenkiYamaguchi (Crosspoint Kichijouji / Former MA champion in 2 weight divisions)

Masaru Koishihara (Narashino Gym / MA Super featherweight champion) vs. Masahiro Yamamoto (Fujiwara Gym / AJKF Featherweight 2nd place)

TURBO (FUTURE_TRIBE ver.OJ / Former NJK Featherweight champion) vs. Naoki Ishikawa (Seishinjuku / AJKF Featherweight 3rd place)

Akifumi Utagawa (UWF Snakepit Japan) / SB Super featherweight 2nd place) vs. TBA

Single bouts:

IKUSA u70 Title Match:
Akioma Nitta (Bangring Bay / First IKUSA u70 champion) vs. KOJIRO (Scramble Shibuya)


Yasuhiro Shiroto (Taniyama Gym) vs. Tony Barent (USA / Black Cobra Las Vegas)

Andy Souwer is Ready!

Andy Souwer came to Japan with a tattoo of his son's name, Gianni, on his lower back

Andy Souwer, who is fighting in the May 3rd K-1 MAX show, has announced that he is in good shape and ready to fight.

On May 2nd, at a hotel in Tokyo, a press conference was held for the K-1 MAX participants. Andy Souwer, 2002 and 2004 S-Cup winner, was there representing Shootboxing. Some were worried about his condition because he hasn't fought since November last year. He has been quite busy in his private life - he recently had a new addition to his family, a son named Gianni, and also bought a house.
However, Andy declared that he has been training hard for the past two months and is in great shape.

Andy's opponent is Brazilian Marfio Canoletti. He said that Canoletti is an aggressive fighter with a strong right cross, so he expects a tough fight. Andy feels he should win though. He doesn't feel nervous and is confident that he can give it all he's got for this fight.

Andy Souwer's record at K-1 MAX is 1 win and 1 loss, and so he feels he hasn't shown his true power and potential yet. He will fight in K-1 MAX again as a Shootboxing representative. Last year Hiroyuki Doi lost a decision to Marfio Canoletti in a K-1 MAX bout. This year Andy wants to avenge Doi's loss as a SB representative.

If Andy wins this fight, he will advance to the Final Round of K-1 MAX. He says that in the finals he would like to fight Masato, Kraus or Buakaw, all who are experienced champions. Andy Souwer is already a successive S-Cup champion and feels that he is still getting better and stronger with his Shootboxing experience. His main focus at the moment is to become the K-1 MAX World Champion.

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