Game Rules

(1) Competitions

<Expert Class Rules>

3 minute ~@5 Round system. In the event of a draw, a 3-minute extra round will be introduced. If after this extra 3 minute round a clear win/loss is not established, a final 3-minute round will be added. There will be a 1-minute interval between each of these rounds.

<Freshman Class Rules>

3 minute ~@3 Round system. In the event of a draw, a 3-minute extra round will be introduced. If after this extra 3 minute round a clear win/loss is not established. A final 3-minute round will be added. There will be a one-minute interval between each of these rounds

<Shoot Boxing Tournament Rule>
3 minute(s) 3 Round(s) 3 minute(s) extra round 1 minute(s) interval.

(2) Scoring System

The following outlines the competition scoring or pointing.

1 : Punches, Kicks, Kneeing, Throws, Suplex-throws and throws that are considered to afflict damage.(See No.5)

2 : Priority Scoring System is when the superior fighter, with a full 10 points, takes demerit points from the inferior fighter in the way of 1Number of downs 2 Damage inflicted on opponent 3 Number of clean hits and 4 Aggressiveness.

3 : Down by throw. 3 pts.
Down by hits. gShoot call from refereeh 2 pts.
Priority points. gShoot call from refereeh 1 pts.
Submission points.@ @@gCatch call from refereeh 1 pts.

Demerit points for rule violation / in correspondence with 5

a) A Shoot Point is when a fighter is thrown higher than his opponentfs hips and lands on the mat,@but not on his feet. Followed by the recognition of the referee by calling gShooth.
Also, front tackles that lift the fighter off his feet and throw him to the mat. This also followed by the recognition of the referee by calling gShooth

4 : In the event of the match extending to extra rounds the winning decision will be made according to the total points accumulated in these Final rounds, not the total of the first initial rounds.

(3) Judges

1 : There are 3 judges: one referee and two ringside judges.
2 : The referee has the authority to expel any fighter who argues judge decisions.

(4) Competition Decisions

1 : Judge Decisions
a) In the case of no Knock Out the decision of the 3 judges based on points accumulated by the fighters will decide the win.

2 : Draw
a) If both are knocked down at the same time and neither stand before the count of 9.

3 : Knock Out
a) Not resuming the fighting-pose, after being knocked down, before the count of 8. Not having a conscious ability to continue the fight.
b) If the referee believes the damage to the fighter is too dangerous for him / her to continue.
c) If the fighter falls out of the ring and does not return within 20 seconds.
d) In the case of the ring apron: Within 10 seconds.

4 : Technical Knock Out (TKO)
a) Cuts. In the event the referee judges the wound is too grave to continue.
b) Three downs in the one round.
c) If the fighterfs Second throws in the towel.

5 : Give Up
a) When a fighter signs he wants to give up.

6 : Doctor Stop
a) When the Competition Doctor states it would be dangerous for the fighter to continue.

7 : No Contest
a) The referee has the authority to expel any fighter who breaks the rules, receives three warnings, has rigged the fight or has engaged in any manner deemed unprofessional.

(5) Valid Fighting Techniques

Punch: Straight, Hook, Upper, Back blow, Elbow.
Kick: Front Kick, Low Kick, Middle Kick, High Kick, Side Kick, Back Kick, Inside thigh-Kick, Jump Kick, Knee.
Throws : Neck-toss, Hip-toss, Judo throws, Back drop, suplex.
Standing Locks: Standing font neck lock.
Standing straight arm bar.

(6) Violations

The following summaries rule violations. Up to 3 warnings will be given, after which the violator will be suspended.

1 : Head butting.
2 : Punching below the belt.
3 : Thumbing, throat chokes.
4 : Attacking a downed opponent.
5 : Attacking an opponent during a referee break.
6 : Using the rope for defensive or offensive purposes.
7 : Using offensive or demeaning language.
8 : Striking the back of the head on purpose.
9 : Placing hands or knees on the mat for defensive or offensive purpose.

(7) Disqualification

1 : Referees decision on the grounds of rule violation.
2 : Failure to obey the refereefs instructions.
3 : Being late or not showing up to the competition.
4 : Unnecessary violence or rude behavior.
5 : Lack of will to participate.
6 : Receiving 3 warnings within a round.
7 : Doctorfs Stop.
8 : Any other reason based on the breaking of any set rules.

(8) In the event one fighter is vastly and noticeably superior to the other, a decision may be made by the referee before the round time ends.

(9) In the event of a cut, the decision of if the fighter can continue or not is made by the commissioned doctor and referee.

(10) Win / Loss due to cuts or serious injury is decided as follows:

1 : If injury is due to the opponentfs negligence or violation of the rules, the injured will be allowed time to recover. If continuation is not possible, the opponent in violation of the rules will lose.
2 : If injury is due to onefs own negligence, this will be considered as a loss.
3 : If injury is due to both members:

a) If injury is before the opening round(1st Round), a No contest decision will be made.
b) If the fight has commenced, the fighter with the most points will be declared the winner . Or in the case of an even amount of points: a draw.

(11) The fighter nor his / her league cannot object or challenge the referee or judgefs final decision.

(12) Countdown

a) a down is: falling to the mat and failing to stand promptly.
b) The Countdown starts after the refereefs call of gDownh
c) During Countdown the remaining standing fighter must stand in a neutral corner until signaled by the referee.
d) In the event the remaining standing fighter does not go to a neutral corner, the referee will stop the Countdown until the fighter is confirmed to be in a neutral corner.
e) In the event the round time finishes during a Countdown, if no sign of recovery is shown a Knock Out judgment will be made.

(13) The Seconds

a) A fighterfs Chief Second and 2 Seconds (total of 3 people may stand ringside.)
b) The 3rd. Second must be in the designated place during rounds.
c) The Seconds must not touch the rope or apron during rounds.
d) The referee has the authority to expel any Second who is disruptive or fails to obey the rules.

(14) Clothes or Costumes

a) The 3 seconds can wear their team colors or logos. Note that T-shirts and jeans is not acceptable. T-shirts with team logos are fine.
b) The fighter may wear anything that is checked by the commission and has received their permission to enter the ring in such clothes.
c) Gloves, leg pads must also be checked and received permission by the commission.
d) Wear or costumes not recognized by the commission are not to be worn. Also, Vaseline is to be used only on the face and ears.

(15) Tape and Bandage

Fighters are to use tape and bandages for the fists only. Bandages are to be put on at the event hall. Bandages put on before entering the event hall will not be recognized. Bandage will be checked after being put on. After such check, the bandages are not to be taken off until after the fight is over. If bandages are re-done the fighter must have them re-checked. The bandage check will be done by commissioned members.

(16) Taping Regulations

Taping is for the purpose of protecting the fist only. Accessive taping will not recognized. Also, adding any other material to the taping will not be recognized.

(17) For the protection of both fighters, no other materials are allowed to be worn during the rounds.
Tape for cuts that have been recognized by the Ring Doctor may be used.
Fighters wearing tape for injuries must have signed recognition by a doctor , otherwise the tape must be removed.

(18) Glove, Glove Check

a) The fighter will use the gloves provided by the commission. Glove weights are as follows:
(`65kg:6onze), (65`75kg:8onze), (75kg`F10onze)
b) After gloves have been put on, they will be checked by a commissioned member and signed. The gloves are thereafter not to be removed until after the fight. If they are removed, they must be re-checked and signed by a commissioned member.
c) Glove check is done on the day of the fight by a commissioned member.

(19) Weigh In Day and Time

Weigh In will commence on the day set by the commission.

If on the first Weigh In the fighter is over the weight limit of his / her class, he / she will be re-weighed every 30 minutes. If on the third weighing he /she is not within the weight limit, the fighter will be disqualified and fined.

(20) Mouthpiece

If during a round a mouth piece is dropped, on principle the referee will pick it up and return it to the fighter in his / her corner after the round.

(21) Weight Classes

MINIMUM `47kg

(22) In the event of any unforeseen or questionable problem arising, consultation between the commissioned members and the chairman will take place.

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