Now you can watch online S-cup World Tournament, which will decide the best 65kg shoot fighter, and special matches with the greatest fighters including S-cup 2012 world champion Andi Souwer, the Girls S-cup world champion RENA, and Golden Star wrestler Ibushi Kota.
Furthermore, you must remember S-cup 65 kg Japan tournament 2013 “Ground Zero Tokyo” will be distributed on the day before the tournament!! Also, Time-Shift recording of the live broadcast will be available until 11.59. p.m. on Dec. 8.
Don’t forget to check them out!!
Ticket price:
– 1,500 yen
– 1,300 yen (advanced tickets)
29th Nov. 2014 21:00~
 Andi Souwer, RENA and more on screen
 Website:
30th Nov. 2014 13:00~
➢ 『S-cup world tournament 2014』
 Andi Souwer, RENA, Ibushi Kota and more on screen
 Website:
Online ticket is available here:
➢ Ticket price:
– 1,500 yen
– 1,300 yen (advanced tickets)
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Ticket price:
– 1,500 yen
– 1,300 yen(advanced ticket)
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S-cup World Tournament 2014 Participants
[65.0kg/3mins x 3 rounds: 1 extra round]
S-cup 65kg Japan Tournament 2013 Champion
SB Japan Super-Lightweight Champion
Hiroaki Suzuki (Striking Gym Ares)
Lumpinee Boxing Stadium & World Professional Muay Thai Featherweight Champion
Ponsane Sit Mon Chai (Thailand/Sit Mon Chai Gym)
WMC Intercontinental Featherweight Champion
Mosab Amrani (Morocco/Mousid Gym)
BELLATOR Bantamweight
Robert Emerson (America/Team Ohyama)
World Victory Road Featherweight GP2009 2nd Place
S-cup 65kg Japan Tournament 2013 2nd Place
Michihiro Omigawa
Former WBC Muay Thai International Super-Lightweight Champion
Kevin Ross (America/Slowdown Training Centre & CSA Gym)
SB WMC Intercontinental Super-Welterweight Champion
Hiroki Shishido (Caesar Gym)
WFC World Super-Lightweight Champion
Houssine Bennoui (Algeria/Team Nasser K)
Special One Match
[70.0kg/3mins x 3rounds: Unlimited Extra Rounds]
S-cup World Tournament 2002/2004/2008/2012 Champion
Andy Souwer (Team Souwer)
Shuto World Welterweight Champion
Kuniyoshi Hironaka (Master Japan)
[50.0kg/3mins x 5 rounds: Unlimited Extra Rounds]
Girls S-cup World Tournament 2010・2012・2014 Champion
RENA (Oikawa Dojo)
WPKL Girls World Flyweight Champion
Isis Berbick (Boss Gym)

[70.0kg/3mins x 3rounds: Unlimited Extra Rounds]
SB Japan Super-Welterweight Champion
Yuki Sakamoto (Caesar Gym)
The 1st ZST Welterweight Champion
Yujiro Uchimura (Ingram)
[63.0kg/3mins x 3rounds: Unlimited Extra Rounds]
SB Japan Lightweight 1st Rank
Kaito (Risshi Kaikan)
Shuto Bantamweight
Yashabo Ishihara (Shuto GYMS Chokushin Kai)
SB Japan Super-Bantamweight Title Match
[55.0kg/3mins x 5 rounds: Unlimited Extra Rounds]
SB Japan Super-Bantamweight Champion
Kazuyuki Fushimi (Caesar Riki Dojo)
Challenger/SB Japan Super-Bantamweight 2nd Place
Daiki Naito (Striking Gym Ares)
S-cup World Tournament 2014 Reserve Match
[65.0kg/3mins x 3 rounds: 1 extra round]
WMC World Welterweight Champion
Bovy Sor UDOMORN (Thailand Wan Son Chai Promotion)
Shuto Lightweight Freshman Tournament Champion
Akiyo “Wicky” Nishiura(Shooting Gym Yokohama)
Super EX Match
61th/64th/67th IWGP Junior-Heavyweight Champion
Kota Ibushi(DDT&New Japan Pro Wrestling)
not fixed
Title: QueSeraJapon Presents SHOOT BOXING S-cup World Tournament 2014
◆Date and Time: Sunday, 30th November, 2014 OPEN 1:00PM/START 2:00PM (Opening Fight (1:15PM- )
◆Venue: Ryogoku Kokugikan, 1-3-28, Yokozuna, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
◆Organizer: Shoot Boxing Association
◆Authorization: Shoot Boxing Commission
◆Associated Medical Institutions: Grapple Medical Association, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Hospital, Morikawa Clinic
◆Costume Supporter: BEAMS
◆Image Provider: EARTHON Co., Ltd.
◆Ticket Price: VIP Seat 30,000 JPY (brochure included), Arena Seat A 20,000 JPY, Arena Seat B 15,000 JPY, Box SS Seat 20,000 JPY, Box Seat A 10,000 JPY, Box Seat B 7,000 JPY, Stand Seat A 5,000 JPY, Stand Seat B 4,000 JPY, Stand Seat C 3,000 JPY
※extra 500 yen will be charged for tickets at the door
※The price of the Box Seats are for one person each. One Box seats are for 2 people.
◆Contact: Shoot Boxing Association TEL03-3843-1212
Information: Shoot Boxing Association Tel:03-3843-1212
111-0033 〒 2-2-8, Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo.